Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Walt Disney, the content marketer!

It is weird, right? That awkward combination, those two don’t go together! 

Disney is a magical place, a place of bubbles, sunshine and princesses. The thought that your childhood might be linked to the marketing machine where dreams come to die is almost unbearable,right?

Wrong. Grow up.

Walt Disney was a genius content marketer and all that he had was a mouse in a boat and a catchy tune and he set sail. Literally. From then on, Disney greatest hits have followed a formula (yes, I am crushing your dreams, I know) that you can apply to your day to day life dealing with copys and social media managers (those guys just nag all the time).

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding Disneyland Park was opened to the public on July 18, 1955 with only 20 attractions
Walt Disney, the content marketer!
Walt's formula for great content:

The story is king. Nothing new here, right? Yeah, but Walt did it every time! In an age where no one talked about content marketing, he somehow pulled it off: Walt made you relate to the story no matter who the character was: a rat, a cat or a...a... baby lion king (oh no, here come the tears)!

1) A theme behind every story. No, not a moral, a theme. Think, marketers!  The advantages of creating stories that aim to reach everybody the same way it's ridiculous. Why don't you star off with a niche target. There you may find the opportunity to define your brand, to set the tone and hit home.

2) You can't have all the Good, without having a little Bad. That's right: Villains. A great Villain is the one who does it job, sets the scene so the hero can come in and save the day. As a content marketer you cant' just talk about how "good, great and god's gift to us" your company is. You have to define the problem and see what solutions may be provided, otherwise you're limited in your efforts.

3) That's right, you don't matter. Your serving a greater good, like Walt, you have to know what it is that people like and you have to build it for them. The content you produce needs to match specific trends for the the different mediums, like short form content is taking over Facebook or Twitter, as well as stories filled up with brand's personality.

Ultimately, Walt Disney legacy was to tell great stories, will yours?

Your TopCrusher,