Sunday, 18 October 2015

90's ads that raised a generation

Grandma bake you cookies that got stuck in your teeth's and hands because they had so much sugar on it, TV was a realm of cartoons and ads for toys, things, people you wanna grow up to be, everything you would like to own later in life and you were certain that someday you'd find a use for every single one of them.

Those were the days!

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The 90's...the years that raise a generation on TV. No, I'm not arguing about the influence of such ads on the young minds (no, not going there) but without making judgements those ads can't get out of our mind (c'mon people I can't be alone in this) and just like your grandma cookies, those ads are part of our childhood.

That song played and suddenly you knew that everything was going to be alright.


Yep. Everybody knows this one!


C'mon Duck tales! Cartoons were never this good :)

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere!

It should be 16.30 more often. This ad is iconic right?

the 90's a time where childrem actually play outside with TAZOS.

You got your moves from this ad and go try it at school the next day! 


TOTALLY CRAZY. saturdays you spend with your cousin applying different looks and then just choosing to cut off all of Totally Hair Barbie doll. Aww, good times.

Your very nostalgic TopCrusher 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Plus is Equal

size sexy
Have you met Ashley Graham? She is definitely my crush for this month! This beauty is an American model from Nebraska and also a "body activist" who is trying to change the way the fashion industry works. 

I've heard of Ashley the first  when she staged a plus size show in the latest New York  Fashion Week, which showcased her lingerie designs for plus size retailer Addition Elle. 

First of all: the lingerie was a-ma-zing.

Secondly: she absolutely rocked it! I mean.. After all, there's a reason why the hashtag was #IamSizeSexy! I loved everything, but most of all, I love that she has what most women lack the most: confidence.

It's time for people to understand that sexy doesn't have to be skinny and all body types are equally beautiful and deserve to be loved. It's not the first time I post about this subject, as I feel that women are still being judged and put into boxes of skinny/beautiful or fat/ugly based on their weight and this is extremely unfair and unreal. 

Again, I believe that at the end of the day we should be worried, not about the number on the scale, but about the fact that we're striving for a healthy lifestyle based on real standards that show us gorgeous women.  

Your TopCrusher,