Thursday, 31 July 2014

Crushing on Kate Bosworth

"I actually hate shopping". I'ts ok, Kate. We still love you.

What did I say? Yep, just like Vogue I have a new style crush: Kate Bosworth.
Since Blue Crush hit the cinemas that she has been the star in the hearts of fashionistas everywhere.

Kate Bosthworth is one of those lucky ladies who just has a natural stlye. She's pretty, she's icy blonde, shes is the owner of two different eye colors and she can pull off classic and casual styles. What's not to love?

Let me take you through my list of Kate greatest hits in the style department:

Bosworth's fashion styles: love them.
Bosworth's fashion styles: love them.

 Kate never hads a bad hair day
 Kate never has a bad hair day

Oh and one of  her co-stars said this about her: "Kate Bosworth can drink anyone under the table. Get a couple in her, and she's definitely a very fun and crazy girl." 

Got to love her, now.
Yep, you are one of us Kate, welcome to the club.

Your TopCrusher,

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Healthy and tasty: 6 foods that will improve your body!

We all know that when summer arrives, all women are on some kind of diet. The problem with the diets is that you quickly get bored of eating the same things and go back to your old – and usually unhealthy - habits.  I am trying my best to stay fit and healthy this summer, without a specific diet, just trying to choose the right food! Here are my 6 suggestions to improve your daily eating habits:

Healthy and tasty
1. Chia seeds: they have a huge amount of nutrients with very few calories

2. Olive oil: fatty acids and antioxidants in it reduce the risk of heart disease

3. Dark Chocolate: good for your heart, your brain and full of antioxidants

4. Lemon: water with drops of lemon flushes out toxins and is extremely beneficial for the body

5. Salmon: an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals

6. Watermelon: provides a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories

Let’s do this and get our beach bodies’ mode: on!

Your TopCrusher,

Sunday, 27 July 2014

6 reasons why you should love your dog unconditionally

This little cuteness is mine, her name is Lana. She doesn't have a breed and she doesn't need one because she’s the greatest dog ever. I love her with all my heart.

When summer arrives, many people abandon their pets. Sadly, it’s always the same here in Portugal. It really shocks me that there are owners capable of doing such a terrible thing. These are the reasons why you should love your dog and never walk away:

1. They love you back, but so much more. They will love you if you’re fat or slim, if you’re beautiful or ugly, if you’re black or white. They are love machines; they don’t care about anything else.

2. They cheer the whole neighborhood. My neighbors love my dog, and I love theirs. That’s how it works around here.

3. They are smarter than you. I don’t care if you are the dog whisperer; they are so clever and learn so much that it is a pleasure to watch them. 

4. They know you so well. If you’re having a bad day, you can always count on them to improve your mood.. And if you’re sad, they will give you some extra pampering. 

5. They genuinely miss you when you’re gone. I’m out for ten hours to work and when I come back she acts like I’ve been gone for a year. They are always happy to see us.

6. They don’t expect much. They are not really picky when it comes to eating, when it comes to playing outside (everything is a great distraction as long as you are there), they just enjoy being around us, no matter what. Shouldn’t we feel the same way?

If you are a good dog owner, I'm sure you didn't need to read this to love your dog, I know you already do.

Your TopCrusher,

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beyoncé, aka pure awesomeness.

I already feel that this post doesn't need any more explanation.
She is the sexiest human being alive.

...but, at the same, she does this face and you just can't say no to her. 

It is certain that she rules any outfit ever invented...

and she moves like a rockstar. 

Then, she does this thing. 

After this, of course no one is going to mess with her!

Because she is a diva, 'the female version of a hustla'!

I believe I made my point.

Seriously, she's awesome!

Your TopCrusher,

27 years, 27 movies

I've recently turn 27 and everybody who knows me, knows I'm a movie critic wannabe. So, I've decided to say something about this 27 years shaped by these products of Hollywood and to celebrate my birthday with you top crushers, I have put together a list:  27 movies that relate to my life in a very special way.

Hope you guys enjoy it

Dirty Dancing

'Cause nobody puts this baby in the corner. In the summer, I used to go to my cousin's house, who is ten years older than me, put the tape in the VCR and repeat. Major crush on Swayze in my pre-teen days.


Dark. Friendship. Loyalty.
I actually love this movie.
Oh, and karma too.

My Girl

Vanda is a weirdo. And you got love weirdo kids. Specially, weirdo kids that don't know they are special. It also made me see that it's OK to be hypochondriac. Ah!

Say Anything

For a girl, loving Jon Cusack movies is almost a precondition and in this scene you gotta see this. Again major crush alert.


My defining teen moment came with gladiator (yep, I am a weird girl). This movie is very good, all about making choices, free will and freedom to love. And I also fell a little for Joaquin Phoenix (...what?).

Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Sorry HP, HG and Narnia fans (what's up with the closet?!), I'm all about the one ring.
Read the books and love the movies. I'd take Mordor over District 13 any day.

The Little Mermaid

Ok, Ariel is a brat who throws a fit and puts everyone in danger just because she wants to hang out with some boy. Still: had to be on the list.

There goes my baby

"Put some flowers in your head an I'll find you". To be honest, there's nothing remarkable about this movie, but I used to be obsessed about the 60's. I'm sure I lived through Woodstock.

How to loose a guy in 10 days

Aww. Every girl dreams of looking as good as Kate Hudson did in a yellow dress.
Still working on it!


You were waiting for this one, right? Thought so.
What can I say? I'm a millennial, millennial kids love Leonardo Dicaprio.

Before sunrise

"People put romantic projection into everything". Love him. Love her. Loved the chemistry and the movie is really something special. It puts the traditional cliches of life under a different light. Perfect for every 20 year old.

My best friend wedding

"No one is chasing you. Get it?" Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, there's all different kinds of love, fight for who you love, blabla but still endearing. Julia Roberts and Ruppert Everet are great together.

Virgin Suicides

"What we have here is a dreamer."  From the first minutes, this movie had me. The girls, the boys and everything in between. A must see movie. Oh, and the soundtrack is great, too.

The Godfather

"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse". Ladies and gentleman, the greatest movie of all time: The Godfather. Marlon Brando meets Francis Ford Coppola equals epic cinematographic history. Brando was so epic in the first scene that already I was rooting for him and his family while shouting "crooks!!" at the police and throwing my shoe at the screen.

Pulp Ficion

"Don't be such a square". Introducing the master Tarantino. It took the first "Honey Bunny" for me to get hooked. Describe this movie: a rush of awesomeness.

007 Skyfall

To me, James Bond was nothing more than a playboy who rescued women on the beach again and again, nothing more. With Pierce Brosnan there was something but nothing like this. Skyfall: the rebirth of James Bond.

High Fidelity

Again : Jon Cusak. About a boy in love with a girl, lost at 26, owner of a record shop. Fill with lines that hit you like a slap, that make you say the "That is totally true! What else, Master?" Love it.

Dead Poets Society

For each generation, there is a movie behind it. The film relates the story of a teacher who teaches not by the books but changes the lives of a group of school boys. A must see movie, if you are living under a rock and missed it.

Like Crazy

"We have to wait patiently". Patience. The entire movie is about two people in love that learn how to overcome the distance. Not your typical love story and not your typical fairy tale ending either.

Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

"Chronic dissatisfaction, that's what you have." Woody explores like no other the confusion that precedes the end of the early twenties. And the choices that you can never undo. Genius as always.

The notebook

Love. Old people in love. Old love. Soul mates. Love through the ages. I'm about to cry right now. EVERYBODY SAW THIS ONE.

Last Night

What is worst? A psychological betrayal or a physical? Keira Knightley is rare perfection in this movie. A movie about the side not so fun about being in a relationship.

Wall Street, 1987

The movie that marketing and business people love: Wall Street. Gordon Gekko is one of the most hated and loved characters of all times. "Greed is good". Ok, Gordon, chill!

Jeux d'enfants

Movies with a soul are rare. Movies that are simple and special are rarer. Marion et Guillaume. Two kids, one tin can: Cap ou pas cap?

Girl interrupted

Angelina. This movie to me means Angelina. Vulnerable crazy Lisa, you just want to give her a hug but then maybe she might stab you in the neck with a pen. "I'm playing the villain baby just like you wanted."


I'd like to think that i don't choose movies, movie choose me. This one was my favorite for a while, i know, it possibly collects all the great cliches of life but there's something there deeper than the main love story.

Signing of for now. Let's go to the movies!

Your TopCrusher,

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

8 Things About the Portuguese Woman

I believe that every woman is a singular and peculiar human being. However, when I try to analyze the Portuguese, there are certain characteristics that are common to all of us. Here are some of the things you should know about our women:

Beauty is confidence
1. We are tough. Look at our history, we watched our fathers, husbands and sons sail away for unknown waters centuries ago to discover the world. That’s why we have a word that no other language has, “saudade”, that means missing a person or a place that you love. But we got through it like the strong women we are. 

2. We like to eat. I’m not only talking about our great traditional Portuguese food, we love sushi, we love Italian, we love to taste new things. And, of course, we love to drink accordingly, if you know what I mean. 

3. We are good drivers. I mentioned all the reasons on a previous post. Women are awesome drivers: they just have more personality when it comes to steering a vehicle that reaches high speed. A woman has the same attitude driving around in her car as she has in life: we are always right. So... Just don’t.

4. We are learning new ways of living. Our mothers were raised to find a husband and have a nice family with a nice house. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that, I want it too. But nowadays, if you don’t want it, it is also acceptable in our minds to travel the world, to have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or just to have friends, or to be alone. As long as you are happy, you do your own choices. 

5. We are beautiful. We are mostly not the “win worldwide beauty pageants” type. We have dark hair, tanned skin and great attitude. We are confident, we own the place. We hold our heads up high, and for me, that’s beauty.

6. We are great students. After the 80’s, college started to be a possibility for women in Portugal (previously men ruled the place). These days we are more and better. The numbers do the talking. We are great students and consequently, great professionals and great leaders.

7. We are loyal. The sad thing about Portugal’s statistics is that we have one of the highest divorce percentages of the world. I believe this means that we are loyal to ourselves. We know how to love and we want to be happy and to make our families happy too. 

8. We forgive but we don’t forget. Don’t mess with the Portuguese girl. We have kind hearts and we are raised with great values, but enough is enough. We might forgive after some time, we might try to overcome after a heartfelt apology but we won’t forget. Just try to be nice around us, so we won’t have to show our fangs. 

If you are a Portuguese woman and you read this text, I really hope you enjoyed it and you seen at least a little bit of yourself in my description.

Your TopCrusher,

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

There can be only one

"Oh here comes the only child. Be careful!"

Actually, we don't bite and we are everywhere. Families of a single child are increasingly more often but still only children are stigmatized as self-centered, selfish, self-obsessed and so on …of course, that might (and I've said "might"!) be true (rarely though!), things are not so black or white!

Speaking as a 'party of one' myself, I think that only children, when not negatively stimulated, turn out to be amazing. Although, there is a group of people that seem keen on making the life of the only children a living hell with comments like the ones listed bellow.

So here's what you do: back off, put down the shovel you’re about to use on the person and feel free to use any of my lines.

Things that an only child, wanted to say at least once in their lives
Only Child equals a Cool Child

Classic comments an only child is tired of hearing: 

     1) “Sharing is difficult for you.” Share? Share like what? This is mine so it can’t be yours, simple math, see?

     2) “Only children are kind of, you know, weird”. So we are weird because we find that being home by ourselves is fine?  And no, it’s not boring.

     3) “Only children are not so well prepared to face life.” Oh no she didn’t! We had to deal with our stuff alone from a very early age, sister! Alleluia!

     4) “It must be really lonely”.  We’re not lonely, either. We are used to be alone, so we understand that is not the end of the world to stay in one weekend, watching movies and eating like a pig ( this is just me, right?).

   5) “So boring being just three at home, right?” Wrong. Actually, it’s not. Parents can be the greatest friends and playmates. Just don’t put your Mother as Ken or your Barbie might never get some action.

     6) “Only children are more matured”. Err, yeah right…Tell that to the space monkey pajamas I’m going to wear tonight.

     7) “You must have a great imagination!” Are you joking? Excuse me, while I go lend my phone to my Baby Born, he’s going to use Barbie's Jaguar tonight and needs to make a phone call to Ken, he has the keys.

     8) “Oh! You must love being the center of attention”. Yeah…so much that when all the people in the room look at me, I feel the urge to shove my face trough a wall.

     9) “You’re selfish and too into yourself”.  Yes I am. I am also extremely loyal and believe that my friends are the whole world.

Still, twins are weirder than us.

Your (only child yet so loyal) Top Crusher,

Monday, 21 July 2014

It's Monday, be fierce!

We know it's Monday, and it's not easy to start the week! You're so close to your holidays that you can almost feel the sand on your toes and the sun on your skin! It's not an easy task to work with this hot sun outside and the pictures of beautiful people on Facebook! So, just be fierce and conquer this week like the badass we know you are! 

Rebel rebel

Also, here's my soundtrack for the week, I hope you enjoy it!

Your TopCrusher,

Friday, 18 July 2014

Beware of the Female Driver

Well… This is uncomfortable! 
Random Awesomeness

First of all, I just want to clarify that women are awesome drivers! They just have more personality when it comes to steering a vehicle that reaches high speed. Also, we are not very good at following lots of rules at the same time, and traffic signs don’t help with that. Sorry guys… Less is more

With this in mind, there are some little things that are difficult for us to overcome. There are some challenges that women will conquer (to be independent, to study, to vote, to rule the world, etc.), and there are those that are impossible to win. These are my personal favorites: 

Space: For a girl, there is never enough space to park. You can drive a small car, you can drive a big car, you can even drive a bike, it just won’t do. When people are getting annoyed about the time I take to park my big car on a small space I just want to shout “get over it”. Actually, I do, and then they have to wait more time because I got off the “zone” and I have to do it all over again. Merci. 

Speed: Please Mr. Officer, don’t be mad. Women are always in a hurry to do something. It’s Monday morning and I’m going to work, I’m in a hurry. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m going to the beach, I’m in a hurry. You get the point. We are just so productive that we can’t follow those non sense speed limits. 

Documents: Every time a police officer pulls me over I just want to give him those million papers with different colors that are on my glove compartment and tell him “well, you figure it out, since you’re so smart”. I’m just not very good with paper, sorry. My bad. That was rude. I’m stressed from work, can I pay you a bribe or something? 

Attitude: This is simple. A woman has the same attitude driving around in her car as she has in life: we are always right. So... Just don’t.

Admit it, we are awesome

Your TopCrusher, 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Arctic Monkeys, what a band!


One of my huge crushes? Arctic Monkeys, as you may have noticed.  It was simple amazing their performance at NOS Alive’14 and when you have a band that speaks right through your heart and you know almost all the songs like you’re insane, you know that you’re going to love every second of the show.

It was the performance of the day, over 50,000 fans waiting for the opening moment with one of the most enthusiastic crowds ever.
From AM, their most recent album, they played 10 of the album's 12 tracks. The opening, with the crushing hit  ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ and the final set with ‘R U Mine?’, were big moments that kept the crowd singing with strong emotion. And the classics? First album tracks like ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’, ‘Brainstorm’, ‘Dancing Shoes’, ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’, were there too to makes us happy.

Arctic Monkeys have been making music for more than a decade, and their latest album, AM, is a career defining moment, given a turn into their rock style in a mature and, we can say, more seductive way.
Beyond all this, they are unique in the way they carefully write their songs and how they gracefully play with the words at the same time.

About their live performances? The best! Check it out TopCrushers.

Your TopCrusher,

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Orange is the new black, my new addiction

Alex Vause
I recently started watching Orange is the New Black and it was a breath of fresh air to me when it comes to TV series. Knowing that I have to wait a million years before I have Game of Thrones to watch again, I was so depressed that I decided to give Orange is the New Black a chance and, honestly, I loved it and I highly recommend.

I watched the entire first season in a weekend, and now I’m watching the second, and I think this one is even better (I’m just missing Vause a little)!

The thing I like about this show is that they have really nailed it when they chose the different actresses and the characters are so interesting and different, they are such an awesome group of drama queens/ criminals/ sensitive, smart women, they actually represent all of us.

I also like the way that Piper is forgotten from time to time and the other characters come to the spotlight with flashbacks from their lives before prison. That involves us in their stories and makes us just want to know more and more about every inmate in Litchfield.

Finally, you can also count on some laughs in the middle of all the drama! The dialogues are hilarious and one hour will fly like it was a ten minute episode!

Your TopCrusher,

Happy Birthday Alex!

Hi guys,

Today is Alex's birthday and we want to wish her an awesome day! 

Remember, you're like Port wine: the older, the better!

Your TopCrushers,
Daniela and Dúnia

Saturday, 12 July 2014

When did he stop treating you like a princess?

This is not the first time Saint Hoax uses the Disney princesses to pass a certain message. First, it was about child abuse and now he’s using our most beloved Disney princesses to approach another subject: domestic violence.

Put an end to it
I believe that this is a really powerful image and that he surely found a way to spread the message against this horrific problem that is still increasing in our society. In Portugal the numbers are still going up every year. This is something very daunting that people shamefully hide in their homes, and sadly pretend it’s not happening.

I won’t even mention the statistics of countries like India, where women are seen like objects and don’t even deserve to be treated like equals in the eyes of most men. It’s disgusting and makes me sick to think that cows are sacred there, but women are rapped, hanged and lead to death by fire, without anyone to protect them. That’s not culture, that’s not mentality, that’s not religion, that’s not politics, that is pure violence and evil.

I think that because I am a woman, this subject is particularly important to me and deeply moves me and that’s why I value all these ways to raise awareness to domestic  - and any other kind of - violence against women. 

Hopefully, campaigns like these will help people, I believe we can change our society for the better and I appreciate artists like Saint Hoax for creating new, clever and productive ways to do it!

Like the princesses we are, we should never stop demanding the treatment we deserve!

Your TopCrusher,