Sunday, 31 May 2015

Shades of Cool

del rey

The question to be asked is... Can Lana Del Rey get any cooler? I really can't see a way. I fell in love with this 29 year old singer and song writer when I first heard Video Games *It's you, it's you, it's all for you, I tell you all the time, Heaven is a place on earth with you* !

Unique and authentic, Lana is the personification of the american beauty. According to Vogue's article, Is the World Ready to Stop Judging Lana Del Rey?, "the world seems to have finally caught on. She now has the room to invent and reinvent herself, to romanticize whatever sad suffering she pleases, and to make lush and cinematic her odd love affair with desperation and aloneness—all without the love-hate whiplash of her early days. Not only her person but also her music stands alone. Lana Del Rey is her own genre." Yes people, stop judging, start listening

To deepen my love for her music, there was Blue Jeans, *I will love you until the end of times, I would wait a million years*, and then, when you realize sometimes things are darker than you expected, she explained love and lost with Born to Die.

Now I'm listening to Ultraviolence, her third studio album, and I'm still loving it. She has her own thing, and I won't get bored easily. This is my suggestion for your sunny Sunday:

Your TopCrusher,

Top 5 items to wear to a music festival

Silly season is back. Coachella opened this season and dictated a series of fashionable looks. Europe is about to get into those summertime vibes and what can it be more summer than a music festival? 

Portugal,  the rest of Europe and even the other side of the Atlantic is about to be taken over by a series of alternative, pop, rock music concerts. 

It's time for girls everywhere start freaking out about what to wear. Easy, girls. 
We got your back and we got year of experience on some failed outfits worn to music festivals : 

*decides to wear pants * oh it almost 100º degrees
*decides to wear shorts * oh there's a plague of lochausts eveywhere
*decides to wear a dress * oh! arrives home with a gum stuck to the underwear

So okay, we give a list of a the Top 5 items you should wear to a music festival. But, remember that all in all the aim is to be comfortable, have fun and...well...get drunk and don't need to worry about a boob falling out or something.

1)  Headbands: Maybe it's just me who always believe that she lived the 60's but where there is sun, music and people you got to wear a flower crown in your head. The smaller the better so it doesn't way you down and you can party along all night.

2. Crop Top: believe me that's one item that comes for all shapes and sizes. Nevermind that, the item is hot, trendy, and wear it right and could be amazing. Style with a short, baggy pants, ripped jeans, a skort or a skirt and don't forget your confidence at home you are going to need it to rock it. 

3. Closed Shoes wheter it's vans our your favorite camel boot. They come in all shapes and sizes and are the most comfortable shoes to wear at a concert. Remember there's always dirt in the air in those summer concerts so your feet will be guarded from that and will prevent you for getting your foot smashed by some big boned guy in the row in front of you.

4. Checkerd shirt: Think again if you thought it had gone out of style. It's back, wear it around your waist its perfect as a blanket for each time you'd want to seat and it's perfect for that day to night transition where it might get chilly...all you need to do is to put it on and voilá. 

5. Shorts: When comfort meets glam you have the summer shorts.Take your favorite pair of jean that doesn't quite seem to fit and personalize them. Wear them in all shapes and sizes but remember the tighter the better (no not because of your butt) but because you wouldnt want to go around flashing people.

Your Topcrusher
Alex, the  Rock Legend

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Huarache Lights

Have you heard about Hot Chip?

They're a British electronic music band and they have been around since 2000. Hot Chip have recently released their sixth album, Why Make Sense? and I'm obsessed with the first single  -"Huarache Lights" -, which is in loop mode at the moment.

Honestly, this genre of music is not my favorite but this song is kind of cool, kind of deep, perfect to hear when you want to step aside from what's happening around you: I put my headphones on and the world is out.

Here it is, my soundtrack for this week:

Hope you enjoy it!

Your TopCrusher,