Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Open letter to dirty old men everywhere!

How dare you?

This is not suppose to be a joke post, this is suppose to be anything but a joke and I might use fowl language. Some might even say that this post is sooo feminist but (pardon my french) fuck feminism.

So now that we cleared that I can say that this...this is for all the girls who got stared at on public transports, while they were grocery shopping, while they were casually entering the building where they work, at every goddamn basic normal step that they take, you make them feel uncomfortable and dirty.  Isn't that amazing?  What you can do with a dirty look? Yeah.

I have been getting that looks my whole life (and I'm fucking almost 30) and I really never thought about it or about questioning it until this morning. It's so annoying. How dare they? They are your grandfathers, your fathers, your brothers, your boyfriends and your future husbands. And they all think that is ok to stare you down, to make you feel uncomfortable and they don't look away until you notice them. I know every women is like "yep I hear you". I know.

I mean what do you think it's supposed to happen? Are we supposed to drop our panties and let you rape us? Or shall we be coy and murmur stop it while giving you a crocked smile? This is not soft-core porn. That will never happen.

But I tell you what happens inside a girl's mind: they feel disgusted. Because of you. With them. And how that infuriates me. Because maybe they worn the too short skirt that they look so good with or that late sundress and decided to don't wear a bra. How dare you?

What the fuck is wrong with this world where women can be starred at and smirked at in a sexual way? Congratulations, this is the world that you live in.

You very angry TopCrusher,