Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Top 5 Summer Sandals

Well, Well. It may not seem like it but summer is upon us. 
We all have that one friend that does the transition ever so cool from boots to sneakers to sandals, you don't even notice. And then there is the other friend that is a little more drastic and takes it from wearing boots all the time to suddenly switches to sandals and only takes the off in wear boots again.

And then there's people that turns the transition with a public issue. That's me. For the past weeks, I've come to notice that I only have closed shoes, high heels or sneakers. To add to the tragedy, they are ALL black. ALL. I mean all. 

So I for weeks been doing a survey of what's the best the market has to offer. I mean to be the spiritual guide to every lazy girl so you don't have to move your ass and you might actually like theses sandals for your summer.

My Top 5 Summer Sandals 

Golden Leather Sandals

Molly Sandals

Faux Suede Sandals

My Top 5 Summer Sandals
Raw Edge Leather Sandals

My Top 5 Summer Sandals
Purple & Pink Sandals

Weeks of study turns into this. I hope you guys like and find it useful for those who really love to get what you want without moving your ass. Aww that's so me. Visit our Pinterest or Instagram to keep up with us.

Your TopCrusher,

Monday, 2 May 2016

My sugar challenge

Hi Crushers,

A week ago I came to the conclusion that I am sweet enough already. I was eating too much chocolates, cookies, *insert everything that tastes good but is unhealthy as hell*, etc.  I felt like I was loosing control and I realised that no matter how many miles I'm running, this quantity of sugar cannot be good for my body.

After thinking about what was going on, I set a date and from April 25th I've been doing my 30 day sugar free challenge and so far, I'm killing it!

First of all, I defined sugar. Since it is everywhere, I decided that I was quitting the things that I know are the most harmful, so for 30 days I won't eat any candy, biscuits, cakes, baked goods, packaged foods or chocolates. It's not easy and I had to re thing my choices but still, I already believe it is very rewarding. 

These are three simple tips that will help you succeeding your 30 day challenge:
  1. Drink a lot of water: it will keep you hydrated, there's no calories and your skin will thank you later,
  2. Eat fruit: you still need sugar so this is the healthiest way to ingest it, 
  3. Make sure your friends understand your motivation and fully support you!
If you're interested in learning more about this subject and you're thinking about doing your own challenge, you can also watch this simple animation explaining what's happening with our eating habits and how they are affecting our health:

Today it's the 8th day of my challenge and I'm feeling great.. and actually very proud of myself.

Feel free to try it, I assure you that you won't regret it!

Your TopCrusher,