Saturday, 12 July 2014

When did he stop treating you like a princess?

This is not the first time Saint Hoax uses the Disney princesses to pass a certain message. First, it was about child abuse and now he’s using our most beloved Disney princesses to approach another subject: domestic violence.

Put an end to it
I believe that this is a really powerful image and that he surely found a way to spread the message against this horrific problem that is still increasing in our society. In Portugal the numbers are still going up every year. This is something very daunting that people shamefully hide in their homes, and sadly pretend it’s not happening.

I won’t even mention the statistics of countries like India, where women are seen like objects and don’t even deserve to be treated like equals in the eyes of most men. It’s disgusting and makes me sick to think that cows are sacred there, but women are rapped, hanged and lead to death by fire, without anyone to protect them. That’s not culture, that’s not mentality, that’s not religion, that’s not politics, that is pure violence and evil.

I think that because I am a woman, this subject is particularly important to me and deeply moves me and that’s why I value all these ways to raise awareness to domestic  - and any other kind of - violence against women. 

Hopefully, campaigns like these will help people, I believe we can change our society for the better and I appreciate artists like Saint Hoax for creating new, clever and productive ways to do it!

Like the princesses we are, we should never stop demanding the treatment we deserve!

Your TopCrusher,