Monday, 7 July 2014

The first tattoo

I recently did my first tattoo and it was a very interesting experience for me. There is a feeling of freedom, of doing something to your body, like embellishing it, that I really enjoyed. Of course, there are always very distinct opinions about tattoos: there are those who love them, who would cover their bodies with ink (it will depend on the courage), and there are those who would never even get a needle close to their bodies.

Well, people are entitled to have an opinion, as long as they don’t judge anyone because they have ink on their body. In Portugal, some of these conceptions about people with tattoos being rebels or outlaws or something worse is slowly disappearing. I believe that having a tattoo won’t undermine your chances of getting the job, or of looking like the nice polite person you are, but this will certainly depend on the eyes – and mentality - of the other person evaluating you.

The thing that got me thinking was my concern with the fact that my tattoo would have to be done somewhere where it might be seen, but not too much. I waited 10 years to do it, and when I finally decided, I was still thinking that it could be a mistake. Yeah… I’m obviously the most rebellious person ever!

Anyway, I don’t have any regrets until today. Because it is very small, it didn't hurt either, I was having a perfectly normal and pleasant conversation while I was tattooed. But my advice is: do something that you see yourself enjoying in ten or twenty years. Start with something small, like an experiment, and then move on to the big one!

Your TopCrusher,