Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Things we should believe and never forget

Well, this is one of those posts some of you might find very cheesy and irrelevant. I don’t. 

There are certain things we will only understand because we have experienced them. If you are initiating something in your life - new graduation, new job, new relationship, new whatever - this is for you. And aren't we all starting something new every day? 

So, these are the things I think everyone should believe and keep in mind:

You are capable!

How many of us have a problem even before we start something? It’s like the root of evil, this feeling that we just aren’t enough to do this job, or to date that person, or whatever. We live in constant fear of failing and this just kills our confidence! Look at you, bring yourself together and then fight for it! Of course you can fail, but that’s a risk you have to take in order to succeed!

You are accountable!

This is the hard part. If you’re a dreamer, things will never get done anyway. If you’re a go-getter, things will take shape. What comes after that - success or failure – is your responsibility. Everything is easy breezy when people are complementing you and saying how well you went so, no need for advice there. It’s when things go wrong that you will show your true colors. Deal with your mistakes and faults with honesty and integrity. Maybe that’s the reason why you will get a second chance.

You are worth it!

When something goes well, than you just have to believe you deserve it. Don’t let anyone take credit for your hard work. Don’t be that guy in the corner of the room, hearing someone else speaking about your tasks, goals and achievements like they actually helped you! Stand up and defend your own accomplishments.

After all, the point here is we should believe in ourselves. The chances are that, at first, no one else will.

Your TopCrusher,

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