Monday, 30 June 2014

Transformers: Age of Product Placement

For those who don’t know, product placement is defined asan advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media”.

Even if you technically didn't know that this is what they call it, I bet you already noticed that product placement has been used for some time now, and it’s happening progressively more in the movies industry. Subtle or not, this technique profits both the brand and the media company where the product is being advertised. It’s a win-win situation. 

Age of Product Placement
In my opinion, this is a very interesting and successful form of advertising because while we create empathy with the different characters, we want them to succeed, we want to be just like them, and this is the way we create good associations with the brands and the products, increasing their value and also our consuming habits.

Yesterday at the movies, while watching a definitely too long Transformers sequel, I realized that they took product placement to a whole different level. It’s everywhere: from Chevrolet, Bud Light, Tom Ford, Beats by Dre to Victoria’s Secret!

The funny thing there is that they don’t confine themselves to show the products now: they include them on the scenes in such a noticeable way that it just became ridiculous at some point. I’m serious; brands were popping out of the screen every minute!

There’s one scene where a giant beer truck is destroyed by an awesome Transformer, and after the crash Mark Wahlberg picks a Bud Light and drinks it - because he’s so cool and everyone who is trying to save the world as we know it from Aliens, should refresh from time to time. This is just brilliant and funny in one way, but too evident in another, which I think ruins the whole purpose of the product placement technique.

In conclusion, I believe that they really have to rethink the way they are doing this. Consumers/spectators  don’t like to be confronted with this kind of advertising in such an obvious way - let's face it, it's kind of insulting!

Apart from that, if you’re the kind of girl/boy who wants to see a Transformer riding a dinosaur, then this is the movie for you, don’t expect more than that… and brands everywhere!

Your TopCrusher,