Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Julie Delpy's women

If you're a man, there's no way you ever look at your wife, girlfriend, mother or grandmother and thought "I 've got you all figured out", because if you did, then you are probably wrong. 

Julie Delpy, however, knows us inside and out.

Julie Delpy is a genious
Julie Delpy is a genious
The french distant beauty sitting on a train in Before the Sunrise, begun her acting carrer with a film from maestro Jean Luc Goddard, one of the most acclaimed directors of all time. Delpy grew up on a house full of actors, both mother and father that actually have feature in her latest movies, so naturally she had a crush on Ingrid Berman and all the itallian guys from the seventies: Brando, Pacino, De Niro...(oh! haven't we all at some point). But what makes Julie Delpy see women so clearly, what makes her characther so relatable that you almost feel robbed like the reactions she's having on screen and words she's speaking were yours at some moment in time? 

How does she do it without making rool your eyes at the female character she's portraying?
How does Julie Delpy get us?

She's a great actress, that might be it. 
No, there's more. 
She has the soul of an artist an she's sensitive and emphatetic. 
No, there's more. 

Truth be told, she's a genious. She makes the imperfection seems so perfect that you can't help but wanting some of it. You can't help but wanting to be a woman that goes off on a rant on any kind of subject and just because she feels like it without being funny or sacarstic, you want to be the girl on the screen with the golden hair that is always messy, you want to be the girl that starts talking about different subjects at the same time and doesn't really finishes them.  You want to be her, the one that is a little bit overweight but can still be sexy even doing the most usual things you can think off, you want to be the woman that get mad for no apparent reason and you want to be that women that in the back of her mind is always, always doutbing herself but still she is capable of doing the most amazing thing in the end. 

And then you realize that you kind of are that imperfect perfect woman and that is ok. 
So, Julie Delpy is a genious actress, director and a women that gets women and that's rare.

P.S: When asked about the perfect way to wacth the sunset trilogy, she said : "Backwards. Why not?! Go back in time."

See? I told you, she's a genious.

Your TopCrusher,