Saturday, 27 August 2016

Harley Quinn and the craziness we all adore

So, as everyone else at this point, I've watched the blockbuster Suicide Squad and although I have to agree with the critics and say I expected better from this movie, I also want to mention that I actually loved Margot Robbie as the crazy beautiful Harley Quinn

I admit that her role is not as challenging as it should have been and that it portraits women in an not-so-pretty-and-a-little-bit-sexist-way BUT lets not forget that's she's playing a psychopath killer in love with another one. I had fun while watching the movie and I decided to analyse it in an optimist way: Harley Quinn being the most relatable girl on earth. May I explain my point:

1. At some point, even a crazy one just needs to relax in her cell (aka room, for example) and sip a cup of coffee while reading a nice book

2.  Outfit crisis: I mean, dressing for a work meeting or dressing for a fight against an ancient creature who possessed Cara Delevingne's body, kind of the same thing, right? 

 3. The voices. Who doesn't have them? That Devil in your head that comes up sometimes to tell you "Yeah, that's a great idea, you should do that". Nope, abort mission.

4. Note: a girl should have time for her yoga lessons.

5. She's just a crazy girl in love and this is where every one of us can definitely relate. Who hasn't done crazy stuff for a loved one?

The lesson here: sometimes you just have to go a little nuts and enjoy the ride!

Your TopCrusher,

Sunday, 21 August 2016

10 things you didn't know about Alison "VV" Mosshart

One grunge flip of hair, a sip of whiskey in a coffee mug, leather skinny jeans and a ripped shirt, hint of dirty, sexy vocals and you're hooked. She's got you. And who is she?

She is the Rock goddess, Metamorphosis queen, indie rock it girl or...let's make it simpler you can just call her Alison Mosshart.

So, my newest obsession is The Kills front woman. When I start to annoy everybody with it, it's time to take it up with the blog. In my diggings through Alison life, I put together a post on 10 things you don't know about the cool girl of rock.

So sit back, put on The Kills playlist on random and enjoy it.

1. Sunshine state girl. Alison was in a punk rock band in Florida before The Kills.Now, she's been living in London since 2002.


2. Artistic Soul. Mosshart juggles 3 jobs: 2 bands and one solo gig as a painter. You can see the canvas on her Instagram. Plus, she's the front woman of the Kills and The Dead Weather.

3. Hair changes: she's done red, platinum blonde and fierce black. It all looks good and cool as hell.

alison mosshart:

4. She sings with Jack White rumor has it the two are more than just friends. Or at least this super fan wishes that to be real. This couple would be the epitome of cool.

Jack White and Alison Mosshart - The Dead Weather:

5. Mosshart persued Jaimie Hince and bullied him into getting in a band with her, once they started doing music together he was the one to encourage the band momento."I was persistent, and eventually we started writing and he encouraged me". Thank god for it.

Alison Mosshart and Jack White:

6. Supermodel life. Her companion Hince is married to Kate Moss. Alison was the best woman at his weeding.

7. Mosshart has a feud with Moss. Rumour has it that the queen of the runways isn't too fond of the relationship Alison has with Jaimie. Could it because of this little ritual? 

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8. And of course, she'a a designer too. Alison's just designed a leather jacket for the Parisian fashion group Surface to Air, inspired by a photo of Lou Reed.

Alison Mosshart:

9.Open Road is her thing.  She's writing new Kills songs at the wheel – "literally, with a pen and a paper. Believe me, it's so dangerous..."

10. Inspiration at kindergarten. Her mother, a high school art teacher, entertained her with pens, paints, markers and paper. She would sit in one place and work on her projects for hours at a time.

Alison Mosshart:

Your TopCrusher,
Ever so loyal Alex