Saturday, 27 August 2016

Harley Quinn and the craziness we all adore

So, as everyone else at this point, I've watched the blockbuster Suicide Squad and although I have to agree with the critics and say I expected better from this movie, I also want to mention that I actually loved Margot Robbie as the crazy beautiful Harley Quinn

I admit that her role is not as challenging as it should have been and that it portraits women in an not-so-pretty-and-a-little-bit-sexist-way BUT lets not forget that's she's playing a psychopath killer in love with another one. I had fun while watching the movie and I decided to analyse it in an optimist way: Harley Quinn being the most relatable girl on earth. May I explain my point:

1. At some point, even a crazy one just needs to relax in her cell (aka room, for example) and sip a cup of coffee while reading a nice book

2.  Outfit crisis: I mean, dressing for a work meeting or dressing for a fight against an ancient creature who possessed Cara Delevingne's body, kind of the same thing, right? 

 3. The voices. Who doesn't have them? That Devil in your head that comes up sometimes to tell you "Yeah, that's a great idea, you should do that". Nope, abort mission.

4. Note: a girl should have time for her yoga lessons.

5. She's just a crazy girl in love and this is where every one of us can definitely relate. Who hasn't done crazy stuff for a loved one?

The lesson here: sometimes you just have to go a little nuts and enjoy the ride!

Your TopCrusher,