Monday, 15 February 2016

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016: now we're talking!

Remember when I said Ashley Graham is a major hottie and she totally deserved her place in the New York Fashion Week' runway? Well, I was definitely right. She is officially the first plus size model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and every woman on the planet has to approve and be proud of her! 

This is what the plus size model and body activist had to say on her instagram about the magazine's choice: "Truly speechless!!! This cover is for every woman who felt like she wasn't beautiful enough because of her size. You can do and achieve anything you put your mind to." 

And here's a sample of how great she looks:


Beautiful, sexy and real: now we're talking!

Ashley is changing the fashion industry and I believe we need more of that. It's time to stop this sick and cruel obsession with weight, with sizes, with false and delusional perfection.  I invite you to listen to her TED talk and learn something about body diversity and self acceptance:

"I felt free, once I realized I was never going to fit the narrow mold that society wanted me to fit in. I was never going to be perfect enough for an industry that defines perfection from the outside in, and that's okay."

I think she said it all, right?

Your TopCrushser,

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Freaks in love

Hi Crushers,

Valentine's day is almost here and I've warned you before that there are no haters aloud when it comes to celebrating love! I'm not a big fan of huge and expensive gifts on this day but I do believe that we are all entitled to show our significant other how much we love them... and if there's a date for that, even better! 

Just keep in mind that one day a year is not enough to make anyone happy, there are things you can  - and should - do for your girl all year to make her feel loved and appreciated, It's so simple to make someone happy and even so, we seem to fail so many times! 

So, listen to the person you love, kiss her/him a lot, show her/him how much they mean to you, not only with empty words but with gestures and attitudes. If you are not in a relationship, well, lucky you, this is a great excuse to buy yourself something you've been wanting and to offer a box of chocolates to your mom, your best friend, your little brother, whomever you love and cherish. 

And most of all, love yourself first! 
Here's some Valentine's inspiration:


And also, a song for all you freaks in love:

"slow dance to rock music, kiss while we do it.." 

Your TopCrusher,
Dani in love 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

All about cinnamon

Hey Crushers,

spice it! credits
I hope you had a nice weekend!

Today, I'm writing about cinnamon: I decided that in 2016 I would start taking my healthy lifestyle attempts more seriously - this must be an effect of late twenty's consciousness or something - so I'm investing on some research about healthy food. 

I've heard about the benefits of cinnamon and I wanted to share these tips with you. According to what I've read, this super spice will influence your health in several ways:

1. Blood Sugar Control;
2.It has antifungal, antibacterial, and even antiviral properties;
3. Helps your brain function:
4. Lowers the risk of Heart Disease;
5. It may have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases;
6. Has been widely studied for its potential use in cancer prevention and treatment.

It's also cheap and very easy to add to your daily routine! You should be careful with the quantity, studies recommend 1/2 to 1 teaspoon (2-4 grams) of powder a day because very high doses may be toxic.
I just want to stress that I'm not an expert in nutrition but I'll keep writing about the good things I find on my research so I can contribute with some tips for your well being too! 

Your TopCrusher,

Monday, 1 February 2016

We should be celebrating

Hey Crushers,

I woke up with this fabulous quote today:

quote via bustle

I mean, that's all
Are we asking too much? Nope, I'm pretty sure we aren't. 
Are we kicking ass most of the time on a professional and personal level? Hell, yes.

It's actually quite simple: we want equality, we want to be appreciated for what we are and we want to be respected. This isn't a women's problem: this is what everyone, everywhere, desires and deserves. So, yes, I want to live in a culture that does all these things, where I can celebrate myself and everyone around me, regardless of their gender, weight, colour, bra size, {insert everything else that we judge and criticize}.

*Oh, yeah, and good coffee would be great too. 

Your TopCrusher,