Monday, 1 February 2016

We should be celebrating

Hey Crushers,

I woke up with this fabulous quote today:

quote via bustle

I mean, that's all
Are we asking too much? Nope, I'm pretty sure we aren't. 
Are we kicking ass most of the time on a professional and personal level? Hell, yes.

It's actually quite simple: we want equality, we want to be appreciated for what we are and we want to be respected. This isn't a women's problem: this is what everyone, everywhere, desires and deserves. So, yes, I want to live in a culture that does all these things, where I can celebrate myself and everyone around me, regardless of their gender, weight, colour, bra size, {insert everything else that we judge and criticize}.

*Oh, yeah, and good coffee would be great too. 

Your TopCrusher,