Sunday, 8 March 2015

10 reasons why it is awesome to be a woman

Today it is March 8th, the International Women's Day. We have fought hard to be free, to be able to express our opinions, to be taken seriously, to be equal, and we still have a long way to go. Because I am a woman and I believe I am blessed to be one, here are the reasons why being a woman is truly and absolutely awesome:
  1. Gentleness. Yes, we are gentle, we are soft, we smell good and we like pretty shiny things. I'm proud to be feminine.
  2. Power. Is there a great woman behind every great man? I believe that it might be the opposite. 
  3. Taste. We are sweet, we are the sugar spoon in a world full of sour. 
  4. Flirt. If you can flirt, you can do pretty much everything and convince everyone. 
  5. Children. I haven't figured this one out yet, but my mom tells me we have the fantastic ability to give birth to a human being, so I will believe her. 
  6. Beauty. I love the way we embellish the room when we arrive. We add value to the common places. 
  7. Free stuff. Paying for my own drinks? I would, but since everyone is offering...
  8. Short skirts, high heels. Come on, do I really have to explain this one? Looking in the mirror and loving what you see is such a good feeling.. Every woman deserves that!
  9. Other women. Our mothers, our grandmothers, our friends, our sisters: we have to love and appreciate each other. 
  10. Society. I believe that society is treating woman better nowadays. Our fight for equality isn't over, but we have to admit that we have conquered a lot, so this day is a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy the outcome. 
Happy Women's Day!

Your TopCrusher,