Friday, 4 July 2014

Dirty Diane

I'm like Vogue.
Every month or so, I find someone that makes me freak out over her coolness.
This time, I have found Diane Kruger.

Oh lord! Have you seen the way Diane Kruger pulls off wearing the coolest combinations ever? She's one of the few that can wear Channel and a sailor cap and still look cool enough to get girls and boys attention. She is such a class act that she has, indeed, a fashion following.
Diane Kruger was born July, 15 like the cool people are
Diane Kruger was born on July 15th, like the cool people are
Despite what you may think there's no army of hairdressers or stylists to decide what she is wearing or to make sure her face doesn't fall off. No, she does it like the rest of us, simple peasants, she dresses herself. And maybe that's the key to her coolness. Kruger has a voice, an identity and it shows.

"I think woman dress for other woman, let's be honest", Diane Kruger says it bluntly. The German star said recently in a interview to that when she started off she relied on a stylist :"As my confidence grew, I started to dress my self because they all look the same and I didn't want to look like everybody else".And that's was her best decision, because Diane has an unique and refreshing sense of fashion

Diane Kruger is 37 and a cool child at heart.

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