Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Orange is the new black, my new addiction

Alex Vause
I recently started watching Orange is the New Black and it was a breath of fresh air to me when it comes to TV series. Knowing that I have to wait a million years before I have Game of Thrones to watch again, I was so depressed that I decided to give Orange is the New Black a chance and, honestly, I loved it and I highly recommend.

I watched the entire first season in a weekend, and now I’m watching the second, and I think this one is even better (I’m just missing Vause a little)!

The thing I like about this show is that they have really nailed it when they chose the different actresses and the characters are so interesting and different, they are such an awesome group of drama queens/ criminals/ sensitive, smart women, they actually represent all of us.

I also like the way that Piper is forgotten from time to time and the other characters come to the spotlight with flashbacks from their lives before prison. That involves us in their stories and makes us just want to know more and more about every inmate in Litchfield.

Finally, you can also count on some laughs in the middle of all the drama! The dialogues are hilarious and one hour will fly like it was a ten minute episode!

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