Thursday, 20 November 2014

40 Life Lessons by Leonardo Dicaprio

Go ahead call me a basic bitch but I had two great loves throughout my adolescence, one it was the backstreet boy Nick Carter and the other was the unsinkable star of Titanic...Mr Leonardo Dicaprio.

Time move us on like it always does but the love we once had remains ageless.
The week that Dicaprio turns into a lovable bachelor of 40 years old I gather for you the 40 most incredible Leo's gifs of all time.

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They all contain wisdom that you'll need to keep in mind.
Always a trooper this Dicaprio, he can act, be goofy and deliver life lesson in gifs *sighs*

'Cause you know, I'm Fabulous.

 Don't ever sugarcoat it, Leo.



 Actually, you can't but damn it you're gonna do it!

 Don't, Just don't.

Dicaprio showing an expression that about resumes 90 % of your life. *applause*

 To the haters.

You. Every goddamn time you set foot out the door.

 You got to dance to the rythym of life.

 Use this line WHENEVER YOU CAN.

Can you ass handle mine? Sorry got a bit off topic there. *sighs*

 *insert deep moment here*

 'Cause sometimes in life you just gotta know.

Case in point: Mondays.

Googly eyes at a goddamn french girl. *hmpf*


This line.

Say it like it is D.

Uh! Burn!

Always know exactly what you want.

Please, tell us more.

Prepare for panties dropping in T minus : 3, 2...

Quoting level: over 9000.

Who never?

How high?

No drama.

Because there is always a party round the corner.

Never skip leg day or ab day or the gym...or prison. 

Just own it girl.


Always say what you are thinking.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Pray that you never get scorn by Leo.

Forever ever Leo.

So ready for my close up.

Cheers Dicaprio. 
To another one heel of 40 years together.

your topcruher,