Saturday, 6 December 2014

Girls will be girls


I started watching HBO’s Girls more than a year ago and for some reason I just didn't like it at first, I watched the pilot and decided that it wasn't my kind of show. Recently, I’m not sure why, I decided to give it another try, and I realized that I really misjudged Lena Dunham’s show.

I watched the first two seasons in a week (I have a permanent job and I study, ok guys? So this is a lot for me!) and I am currently watching the third season and still loving it. I think the reason why I enjoy watching Girls so much is because, for the first time since Sex and the City, I see something interesting about women on TV and I’m not talking about sex. 

Although I can’t relate with Hannah at all, who is the main character, I appreciate that Lena Dunham has the guts to play a different and unique character that annoys me deeply and more than I can explain, but that’s her. I like to see that Marnie is fucked up and lost and doesn't know what to do with herself but still tries. It amuses me that Shosh is such a neurotic and self-absorbed person and that nobody really cares and they love her anyway. And Jessa… who doesn't love Jessa? She’s so beautiful and glamorous and free, all women want to be her at some point. 

I also like the fact that their friendship isn't perfect, that sometimes they want to kill each other and act like complete psychos, but isn't that even a little truth in all female relationships? Yup, it is. 

Anyway, it’s my TV suggestion of the week. If you haven’t tried, go ahead! If you have, you probably know what I am talking about. 

Your TopCrusher,

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