Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The fall of Jamie Dornan

Jamie and Gillian
Talk about 50 shades of crazy! Jamie Dornan is showing his true colours way before the blockbuster 50 shades of Grey hits the theatres and The Fall is my new favourite obsession! 

By the way, I deeply believe that if I was a super hero my power would be finding excellent TV shows with more than one season to watch precisely when I have to study for my finals. Yup, that would be it!

Boring stuff apart, The Fall is a BBC crime drama set in Northern Ireland and our beloved Jamie Dornan plays the serial killer with a job, a wife, two lovely kids, and a very twisted mind. 

Gillian Anderson is actually pretty cool as well! She plays a kick ass detective who is afraid of nothing, not even of making out with the hottest Irish detective on the team. Go Gillian!

Nevertheless, Jamie steals the spotlight with his dark, shadowy soul, and monstrous actions. Anyway, if I have to be completely honest, I seriously hope he gets away with it. 

Oh-em-gee, just look at him,  he's such a perfect psycho!

Your TopCrusher,