Friday, 26 September 2014

This world is too damn small

What goes around...

Everyone knows this world is gigantic. I wish I had the opportunity to know it all, travel all countries, and meet all kinds of people. I know I won’t do it, at least, as much as I would love to, but that would be an adventure for my life.

Nevertheless, my point today is exactly the opposite. This world is tiny. Lately I’ve been feeling that we are all living in a fish thank, and eventually, we are all connected. Today you’re my teacher, tomorrow you are my student. Today you’re my employer, tomorrow you are my boss. Today you’re on my side, tomorrow you are my enemies’ best friend.

This is why I believe in karma. I truly and deeply believe that all good will come to us later in life, as all the bad things we do will, somehow, get us too. Everyone has to believe in something, right? So be good, do good, and the rest will follow.

Your TopCrusher,