Wednesday, 18 February 2015

5 things we have to face about Mr. Grey

Yep, we’re also talking about it. 

After reading the 50 shades of Grey trilogy, I would never resist seeing the movie, so I went to the premiere day in Portugal and I have to say my expectations were very low at that point. 

First, there was the fact that E. L. James is not actually a good writer and we all know that, she repeats herself so much that it hurt my brain at some point while reading the third book, but well, her ideas were.. hum.. very creative, I had no other choice but to keep reading. 

Then, there was the criticism and paranoia about the casting choices. Just keep calm people, Jamie Dornan would save the day. Everyone was acting like this was going to be the movie of the century and that was making me crazy. 

Anyway, although nowadays all book stores are filled with this kind of spicy novels, we have to admit 50 Shades brought something new to the table. Nevertheless, these are the things that I had to face while watching the movie:

1. He’s sexy as hell. Casting drama no more: It's not the first time I compliment him here. Jamie is the perfect Mr. Grey

2. Dakota is not that bad either. If you read the books, you already knew that she wasn't supposed to be awesome. Get over it. 

3. No pain, no gain? I really think that it is only sexy and thrilling because it's fictional. If a guy asked me to sign that kind of contract, I would probably run, fast. Also, the idea that someone has to be in complete control of my life is not something very appealing. I'm very attached to my freedom of will and speech, thanks. 

4. Is this Twilight? Yes, it is. Instead of vampires, you have sex toys, that's it. 

5. Good soundtrack. I've been listening to this one by The Weeknd:

Later babies!
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