Sunday, 4 January 2015

5 ways to stay healthy this Winter

Hey, let's not start judging ok? Just to be clear, this is not a New Year's resolution post. Nevertheless,
I thought I could give you some suggestions to start a new year with a healthy lifestyle, because, my friends, I'm not sure if you noticed but without health, you can't do much. Let's treat our bodies like they deserve and let the rewards come throughout an awesome year!

Winter is always a tough season, as all we want to do is stay on our couch watching our favourite TV shows, eating cookies with our hot chocolate mug on our side to the rescue! You're guilty, hum? Me too, I already posted about it on a rainy Sunday.

So, here are some tips on how to keep an healthy lifestyle during these difficult times:

1. Watch your hands 
This is the time where we tend to cough and sneeze a lot, so it's easier for viruses and bacteria to spread if we don't wash our hands frequently. This is the best way to stop the bacteria and germs from spreading, so let's keep the 20 second hand wash in mind!

2. Exercise 
No kidding? Just look at it on the bright side: at least you are already getting fit for Summer! You will feel better and have more energy. Most importantly, you will burn calories and prevent gaining those extra pounds from all the comfort eating you have been doing.  

3. Drink a lot of tea
It's equally important to stay hydrated during Winter, so if it's too cold for you to drink the amount of water your body needs, just replace it with tea. It's hot and it will be easier for you to drink it regularly without freezing your brain

4. Supplements 
Sometimes, even if you have balanced eating habits, it's just not enough for your body to get all the vitamins it needs. This is a good time to get an expert's opinion on what supplements would help your nutrition during Winter, according to your lifestyle. 

5. Stay cozy

See, it's not all bad! You have earned the right to stay on your couch all day on a rainy weekend, because it's freezing cold outside and this kind of temperatures can cause serious health problems. It's also a good time to catch up with all the sleep you didn't have on the previous months. Sleep deprived people are jeopardizing their immune system, so go ahead, you have an excuse! 

I hope these tips will help you improve your Winter lifestyle and, ultimately, your Winter hotness!

Your TopCrusher,