Thursday, 7 August 2014

Crushing on my country: Vila Nova de Gaia

I live in a city in Portugal called Vila Nova de Gaia and I love it here. I'm one of those people who loves to travel and then, when the week is over, I always want to go back home. Gaia is where I feel at home.We are part of the district of Porto, but separated from Porto city by the Douro river. Here are the places that I believe you should visit if you have the opportunity:

Wine Cellars

Many people don't know this but the Port wine cellars are actually located in Gaia. You should visit them to learn our history and, of course, appreciate our wine, it's a remarkable experience that you will certainly enjoy.


Cais de Gaia

Nice view, all the traditional boats going around in Douro river, great restaurants and even a cable car up in the air, if you are feeling more adventurous. What else do you need?


Zoo Santo Inácio

This is a great place if you like animals and wildlife. It's a great location: an old country house that was rehabilitated, and this zoo has lots of species and also a beautiful garden. I'm an animal lover and I like to go there because they are kept in huge spaces and are really happy and well treated.


Senhor da Pedra

Senhor da Pedra is a chapel from the 17th century, located in Miramar beach. It is so beautiful and peculiar, because it was built on a rock by the sea and sometimes it is completely surrounded by water. It is truly spectacular!

I only want to add that these are only four of the many beautiful places in Gaia!
I'm sure there is no place like my home!

Your TopCrusher,

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