Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mindy Kaling is all of us

I recently discovered that I love Mindy Kaling.

As you all probably know, the American actress, writer and producer was the awesome Kelly Kapoor on The Office and she is now the star of her own TV show, The Mindy Project. She is as funny as witty and she is clearly not afraid of making fun of herself, which is something that I can highly relate to. 

These are the reasons why Mindy is actually all of us:

1. Just because sometimes you hate your life and everyone around you sucks. Because Mondays, TPM, and 5 sudden extra pounds on the scale. That's why. 

2. But you know what? You've been complaining for a whole week and now Friday is here and you don't care any more. So you go all in and this is what happens:

3. And since you are now a hot mess, you decide that you actually look so good on the mirror you need to fix what's on the inside as well. Instant solution: channelling Beyoncé.  

4. Problem solved. Time to find the perfect guy because you're a pretty perfect lady who knows what she wants. 

5. In the meantime you find the guy and after a while remember that no man will ever understand the mind of a well educated, well fed and even better dressed woman and this is your reaction:

6. And finally, there's no other choice. 

Yup, Mindy is awesome and you are too!

Your TopCrusher,