Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Porto: forever being cool

You can feel it everywhere: the more and more cosmopolitan city that Porto has become in the last few years and how things started to be more appealing and more beautifully European.

The alternative and lovely spaces you can find in the city, especially downtown, turns Porto into a trendy, modern and interesting place at the same time. Like the right place to be and to be seen.

Rua Miguel Bombarda is a great example of that. Contemporary art galleries, vintage stores, restaurants, cozy and sweet coffee bars, are now calling for the generations that want their city always beating for something new and special.

Porto is getting a new look too and the city always wants to improve artistic movements. The art throughout the streets is a powerful way to keep them alive. Porto always has the perfect vision to give something to see for free.

The street art wall at Rua Miguel Bombarda was one of the many events that we couldn't resist.

Just passing by this is what you can see:

The streets are alive
(Pictures taken by me)

Porto is such a cool city and it definitely became alive with great colours.
Those colours are in our hearts! 

Your TopCrusher,

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